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Viron : Pioneer And Prize-Winner

The late Philippe Viron, father and predecessor of the current CEO, played a decisive role in the revitalization of the world of artisanal baking. Tireless crusader for the resurgence of a baguette that embodied the mythical qualities of the early years of its existence in the 1920s and 1930s, he anticipated the official creation of the now celebrated “Baguette of French Tradition” with the Rétrodor, the Viron brand that artisans began to bake as early as 1990. To facilitate the transition, that required bread making without any improvers or additives, he was the first miller to market a wheat flour that was 100% pure. His passion for peerless flour and the authentically traditional baguette, which he regarded as emblems of French gastronomy and the French touch in luxury accessible to everyone everyday, led him to lobby the government for the establishment of a junior ministry for the promotion of the exportation of French bread and flour. It never saw the light of day, but the senior Viron made his point and stirred a new excitement for fine bread.

In this pioneering spirit of excellence, over the course of the years, numerous artisan bakers, clients of the Viron Mills, have won accolades, in Paris and the surrounding departments, in the competitions sponsored annually by the specialized chambers of commerce for the best baguette and the best “traditional baguette”.