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Viron Export Technology

Deeply moored in a long family tradition, proud of its values, always respectful of the ancestral fundamentals of rigor and quality, Viron Mills is today among the most cutting-edge producers of flour. Without ever losing sight of the framing objective of fabricating flour destined to make the best bread in the world, Alexandre Viron, the current CEO, has ushered the mill decisively into the 21st century.
He conceived his mission as the production of exceptional flour in the conditions most propitious for assuring the highest hygienic and sanitary standards. Articulating his double competence as miller and baker, he toils to obtain the richest and most meticulously cultivated wheat; to extract from it with efficiency and vigilance the most luscious and hardy flours; to achieve the right mix of the various strains of flour with a chef’s attentiveness to enhancing the potential for the most interesting flavors; to subject the wheat and then the flour to a battery of scientific analyses, using the most sensitive machines to measure qualitative potential; and finally to bring the process to its logical and necessary conclusion by testing the palette of flours in the mill bakery through endless batches of baking of different types of bread, deploying a wide range of methods to find the optimal recipe (or “diagram”) for each year’s harvest (varying the time and intensity of mixing, as well as the agents, duration and conditions of fermentation, the temperatures of the dough at different stages in the process, the requirements for dough molding and repose, and the times and temperatures of baking).

Viron mills mobilizes the combined intelligence of the head, the hands and the machines, because to achieve the exigent level of results it demands, the industrial power of modern milling must be placed in the service of an artisanal sensibility.
If the artisanal sensibility is lodged both in the heart and the brain of Viron Mills, the body is sleek and even futuristic (with the exception of our separate, stone-grinding mill in which we deliberately conserve some of the more traditional features in a modernized context of control standards). We have invested millions of dollars in buildings and machinery since 2000, and we have nourished our human capital at the same time. We have devised the most efficient and heedful system for receiving the wheat, organizing and effectuating its conditioning and oversight, and its storage before transformation. Milling, like baking, requires a sort of recipe, also called a diagram. Using the finest machinery available, we have devised methods that give us the peak yield in quality as well as quantity. Highly automated by a computer-regulated system, capable of operating 24 hours a day all week long, the mill remains nevertheless under the supervision of gifted mill technicians who follow the process closely, “mother it”, fine-tune it, perfect it day to day. Various detectors at key stages inform them of the “itinerary” of the raw material as it takes new form. Ultra-sophisticated devices such as a magnetic sensor installed in the cleaning process enhance our technological edge. New reception silos guarantee the grading, classing and storing of the flour as it emerges. Once blended - in the imaginative spirit of wine-making - the flour is placed mechanically into sacks that assure purity and keeping-stability.
We frame the whole production process in ways geared to enhance security. First, we employ and adhere to the “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” protocol, or HACCP, a systematic preventive approach to food safety and biological, chemical and physical risks in production processes.
We are the first mill in France to have been certified ISO 22000, a management technique designating a set of norms meant to enhance our quality control. This is another instance of our policy of “retro-innovation”: utilizing the most modern and exacting techniques to assure that our clients will receive superlative merchandise, without ever forgetting that all the control in the world will not matter if the intrinsic quality of the merchandise is not fundamentally of the highest order.