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A Full-Service Miller

We invite you to buy our flour because we believe that it is the best in France, and perhaps beyond. We were the first to market genuinely pure flour, devoid of improvers or regulators. No professional contests the postulate that one must have superb raw materials to make remarkable products. But Viron Mills sell you more than just flour. We engage you in a relationship and work hard to make it flourish. That means we accompany you, if you so desire, on your project for as long as you wish. The French have an expression: “you can’t be at the mill and the oven at the same time,” signifying you can’t be everywhere at once.
Yet we have managed to do so by installing a magnificent test and training bakery in our mill right next to our analytical laboratory. Laboratory evaluations are indispensable, but they are not sufficient. The ultimate test of the “organoleptic” (sensorial) and “rheological” (physical-chemical properties) potential of the flour—in other words, its aptitude to make the highest quality bread—is in the baking. So we have several full-time bakers who are engaged, constantly, in assessing the various flours—whose properties evolve in the course of the year as we move from one harvest season to the next—by baking a host of different loaves every day. Scrutinizing the outcomes, we can advise our clients on certain adjustments that we recommend (for example, changes in levels of hydration or dough temperatures or mixing times and speeds or baking temperature and time). At the same time, the test and teaching bakers undertake a busy program of R & D, developing new products or refining familiar ones or responding to specific client demands. Our objective is to provide a double guarantee to our clients by assuring that our know-how (we call it savoir-faire) is as superlative as our flour. We can send you a mill baker to work with your staff, help launch your operation, or provide periodic counsel and quality control on site. But we want everyone to understand that, even at a distance, we remain close to your bakery and to your staff.